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Meet Jessica Sepel


What’s your wellness philosophy ?

I believe a healthy relationship with food and your body is essential for a healthy life. I eat to nourish my body. It’s the best act of self-love. I also follow the 80/20 rule. 80 per cent of the time, I eat whole-foods. The remaining 20 per cent of the time, I allow for flexibility and indulgence. I love a glass of wine or a scoop of hazelnut gelato. I believe in moderation, eating mindfully, and enjoying my food.

Talk us through the moment when you decided to take the leap and turn JS Health from an idea into a business?

I dieted from the age from 13 to 23 and it caused me to develop a very damaging relationship with food and my body. After years of suffering, I finally made a commitment to drastically change my approach to my relationship with food. At this time, I was studying to be a clinical nutritionist and decided to start a blog. I was sharing my innermost thoughts and fears in the hopes that I could help other people who were struggling with the same issues. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve and I’m not afraid to speak my truth. Thousands of people were coming to the blog each day – it blew me away. The community prompted me to create an e-book detailing my philosophy on health and nutrition, which ended up being a huge success. That’s when publishers started approaching me to write my first book, The Healthy Life.I then wrote my second book, Living the Healthy Life and released the 8-week program. In 2018, we launched the JSHealth App and JSHealth Vitamins. Starting the blog was organic and having it turn into a brand and business was. complete accident! But I really believe it’s my calling in life to help others on their journey to a healthy and balanced life.

How did you eventually arrive at the idea to launch JSHealth as an app?

Over the last six years, we’ve developed a strong, passionate community of people who want nutrition advice on demand. My team and I decided an app would help everyone access the tools to live their healthiest life in an easy , affordable way. I really wish something like it had existed when I was growing up.

How long were the JSHealth vitamins in the works before they launched?

They were in the works for around three years. The truth is that I’ve been obsessed with vitamins forever. During high school, I used to work at a pharmacy and would daydream a lot about having my own range of vitamins. They took a long time to create, but it has been the most successful project yet. I have always believed in the power of nutrients taken therapeuticallly. I saw the way they helped my clients when I was practising  as a nutritionist. We launched with three different varieties, and have another seven in the works.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the business, and how have you overcome it?

Dealing with how many things go wrong daily is definitely the most challenging aspect. There are so many moments I’ve wanted to give up or felt it’s all too hard. There have been so many sacrifices, but in the end, it’s worth it. I’ve maintained the focus and heartfelt passion that I started with.

If you could offer one piece of advice to other female-founded business starting out in the wellness space, what would it be?

Hold onto your purpose and intention with every decision you make. Remember why you are doing this and why you started. This is what I come back to when times are challenging.

Are you working on anything exciting?

Yes, always. I’m currently finishing up writing my third book, which I’m so excited to share with the world. We also have seven vitamin products in the pipeline and we’re working on launching the vitamins in China. I’m always striving to nourish the JSHealth community and support them as best I can.

What other women in the wellness space inspire you, and why?

There are so many incredible women in the wellness space! I definitely respect Gwyneth Paltrow who founded Goop. She’s a great example of how wellness and a passion for health can turn into a strong community and a successful brand.

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