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Meet Olivia Cooney Founder of Pop-Up Fitness Retreat


Ex party girl turned personal trainer Olivia Cooney is the founder of the exclusive Pop-up Fitness retreats that are held in luxurious destinations around the world including Ibiza, South of France, Mauritius, Switzerland & London. Loved by celebrities including Laura Whitmore, Millie Mackintosh & Kimberly Garner and loads more, we chat to Olivia about business, daily routines and what is next in 2019 for Pop-up Fitness.

How did Pop-Up Fitness come about ?

The retreat cam about when I was searching for a holiday destination for my family. I was told Villa Can Verru in Ibiza was available so long as we left tomorrow. We quickly said YES and jumped on a plane in the Summmer of 2014. I was completely speechless at the beauty of the Villa and the stunning Rustiq surroundings. When I arrived I launched myself into my own fitness regime which was totally enabled and made completely fabulous due to the villa’s stunning surroundings and astroturf football pitch attached to the villa. The beach is a 10 minute run, the island has stunning hikes and also the villa itself with its beautiful en-suite rooms and private balconies. I thought to myself wow this is the life of a celebrity, with a health chef catering to your every need, enjoyable fitness and amazing places to visit nearby. I needed to share this with my clients and friends back home, so I booked the villa for 2 months later, invited all my clients and friends and have not looked back since.

What is the ethos behind Pop-up Fitness ?

The idea behind Pop-up Fitness is combining ultimate luxury and the culture of the destination with fitness in the most glamorous locations around the world. The retreats are 4-7 days of “tough love”, a healthy balance of vigorous exercise, deliciously prepared clean eating food from award winning chefs , yoga, meditation and varying fitness regimes.

With complimentary injury prevention physiotherapy and relaxation massages sprinkled in to ease the muscles, Pop-up Fitness is all about combining fitness with ultimate luxury. The retreats have a very casual atmosphere where we have up to 18 guests who each receive personal attention and gentle encouragement, rather than drill-sergeant discipline. 

What makes Pop-up Fitness different from other retreats?

The fact that we are not a ‘weigh in/weigh out’ retreat whereby the main focus is on our clients feeling fantastic at all times. We aim for all our clients to leave feeling amazing and we hope to have given them a boost of enthusiasm to continue a healthy lifestyle. We don’t restrict when it comes to food, if anything we provide more food that clients are used to, we strongly believe in our ethos of ‘work hard and reward well’. We combine a health and fitness bootcamp experience with a holiday, so that hard earned vacation time is used in the most fabulous yet constructive way. I really wanted to give people a luxury experience, where they feel like a celebrity for a week.

What is the most rewarding part of running Pop-Up Fitness?

The most rewarding and satisfying part for me is when clients follow us to our new destination, it means they trust me and trust in the quality of the brand, enjoying our approach to a health and fitness retreat and trusting that the same level and standard of luxury will remain in whichever location they may find us. Our desire is for all our clients to leave feeling fantastic and not feel beaten up as if they have been at an army style boot camp. The decision of how much you participate in is completely up to you.

What’s next for Pop-Up Fitness?

We hope to keep expanding and Pop-Up in as many glamorous and luxurious places as possible. We have just launched our brand new retreat in Gstaad, Switzerland at one of the ‘Leading Hotels of the World’ – The Grand Hotel Park.

What is your daily fitness regime?

My own personal fitness regime has to be adaptable to my location. I live in Amsterdam but travel so much with Pop-up Fitness hosting retreats and meeting clients that my go to exercise is running because I can do that anywhere. I keep it to 5 or 6km so that I can get it done quickly. I always incorporate some bodyweight resistance exercises along the route, some double squat jumps onto park benches, push-ups, tricep dips and some side planks. Other than that my favorite workouts are now the Rocycle classes that I instruct at the Amsterdam studios – the best part of my job is that my own fitness is most of the time taken care of, it is a complete full body workout that targets not only the major muscles in your body but also the little stabilizer muscles that keep everything tight.

My other favorite is boxing, I trained in Thailand a few years ago and I have been addicted ever since – whenever I’m in London I make sure I schedule time in to see my ex-military friend who I show who’s boss! haha 😉

What are your favourite wellness brands?

‘The Oil Hut products’

I have the whole range of these delicious smelling and affordable luxury oils. They cater to everything I need, my favourites are the pre and post workout oils to work into my legs and shoulders after a workout. They just feel so good and tingly you know they are working, cooling and relieving!  The Oil Hut even have a ‘Lavender Pillow mist!’ they are a new range and the bottles are so cool I display them in my house an love travelling with them  – they work as massage oils or bath oils or just for some shiny legs!!

‘Neat Nutrition’ Protein shakes are the only protein shakes I will have, they not only are the ultimate luxury brand, they are the cleanest and finest product on the market that look great in your kitchen and taste fantastic!

What is the best way to keep up with your retreats and what’s happening with Pop-up Fitness ?

Our Instagram page is definitely the best way to keep up with what we’re doing. We are always ‘poping up’ in different places all the time, from various events around London, to pop-up boot camps in London parks. We have two up coming  retreats in April 2019 in Ibiza.

April 14th – 19th

April 21st – 26th


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