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Meet The Beach People


Meet Emma Founder of Australian Lifestyle Brand The Beach People.

Tell us about the Beach People? How did it all come about?

The Beach People is an Australian based lifestyle brand. We design sea inspired textiles and home essentials. The Beach people was started by my sister Victoria and I in the summer of 2013.We were sitting on the beach where we live in Kingscliff in Byron Bay, Australia watching our husbands surf and I turned to Victoria and said ‘round towels could be cool’. And that’s where The Beach People began. We were the first to market with the round towels and we never believed we would change the textile industry globally but we did and all from a sleepy seaside town in Australia.

Where do you your inspiration for your designs from ?

Inspiration is everywhere. I love art, architecture, music or a period of time like the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. Travel is also a great source of inspiration. The last holiday I travelled to was New Zealand and I found the landscape so breathtaking, the colours, tones. These colours and textures inspired some of our new linen colours launching next year.

What has been your biggest challenges & highlights throughout your entrepreneurial journey ?

Challenges are always there. It’s learning to work through each one and then asking yourself after that challenge ‘What did I learn”. That’s just life! In business and personally we are all learning every day to be the best versions of ourselves! The biggest highlight is seeing people all over the world enjoying the products that we have created. Victoria and I see every post and tag and we get a real kick out it! A chic apartment in Brooklyn with our linen styled on the bed, a girl enjoying a round towel in the south of France, a family picnicking with our beach cart… Best!


What advice would you give to someone who has a business idea and does not know where to start?

Surround yourself with as many like-minded business people who can help you along the way. Ask as many questions as you can and learn from their mistakes.

Tell us about your life in Byron Bay. What do you love most about living there?

We are based in Kingscliff which is 30mins north of Byron Bay. It’s a sleepy seaside town. Plenty of beautiful restaurants, wide open beaches with white sand and aqua blue water. The people are warm and friendly. Summer is hot and winter is about a month-long ha….

How do you relax after busy days/weeks at work?

A walk along the beach after is a big day is the best way for me to slow day. I usually switch off after 5pm and spend time with my husband and 3 daughters Lucia, Daisy and Fern. Weekends are spent seaside with friend and family. Sunset cheese and wine on a roundie is my perfect Saturday/Sunday afternoon.

What does self-care & wellness mean to you?

When we started The Beach People Victoria and I felt really busy and we started doing less of the things that really made us happy. Not long in we decided to do more of the things that made us happy every day. We are big on Living the life you want to live right now! We make time to walk on the beach, spend time with our children and husbands, eat healthy and be active. I think people are realising more and more that more hours at work does not equal more productivity…Clear minds and wellbeing equal better quality decision making and creativity.

What is next on the horizon for The Beach People ?

We launch our next collection next month. Its called the ‘Voyage’ collection inspired by 1970’s European summer. The Imagery is so pretty! We are looking at working with new textiles similar to our eucalyptus sheets Sustainable textiles are our passion so stay tuned…

All your products are amazing…however if had to pick one which one would you pick?

Tough I love them all! But I would have to say the Beach Cart as it literally makes my life so much easier! I can load gear into it and wheel it down the beach! Love it!



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