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Katie Santilli and Vera Yan have been friends since they were teenager. They went to school together, before they pursued careers that saw them living in different continents. It was only when Katia was temporarily back in Sydney that her and Vera saw a gap in the market for functional, practical, but beautiful activewear (while training together in the gym, no less).

The result was Nimble Activewear: a now million dollar business with a bricks and mortar store in Bondi Beach, Sydney. Even in the thick of running their business, the pair are still evangelistic about their holistic, health-centred lifestyle. I was lucky enough to chat to the pair about all things wellness, business practice, and what’s next for Nimble.

What’s your approach when it comes from wellness – do you both have an overarching philosophy?

Katia: We’re firm believers that wellness is not about chasing a number on the scales, it’s about nourishing your mind, body and soul with what it needs (that could be a beach run, or a big glass of shiraz). It’s about feeling empowered to live your best life. Nimble was founded on the belief that being happy and healthy should be neither complicated nor expensive. We’re so trilled our products accompany thousands of women on their wellness journeys.

What was the defining moment when you decided to take the leap and turn Nimble into a brand ?

Vera: The seed was planted in 2013 when Katia and I grew more and more frustrated about the lack of stylish, high-performance activewear on the market. At the time, we were living together in Bondi, fitting in exercise classes in our spare time. We’d rush home after a workout to wash our expensive tights for the next morning’s session because out budget wouldn’t allow for an entire wardrobe of gym gear. Finally in 2014, we launched Nimble Activewear for women just like us.