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They’re going to be huge

Crystal healing, collagen supplements, the ketogenic diet – we’ve seen the rise of many wellness trends in 2018. While some are here to stay, others have disappeared faster than you can say ‘one numeric latte with oat milk, please!’ As 2018 is gone, we’re preparing to welcome a new batch of health and fitness trends in 2019 – and try them all, of course!

Read on for our predictions of the top 6 wellness trends that are going to be huge this next.

Next-gen wearable technology

Yes, wearable technology is nothing new – we’ve been rocking fitness trackers for a good decade! However, this is one trend that isn’t going anywhere. In fact, according to ACSM’S Health & Fitness Journal, it’s set to be the biggest fitness trend of 2019. Smart technology like fitness trackers, watches and now jewellery are only getting smarter, thanks to innovation technological advancements. We’re likely to see features like mood, body composition and menstrual cycle tracking to go mainstream in the near future, allowing your device to give you a more holistic view of your overall health. We’re also likely to see our wearable tech devices not only track our workouts, but optimise them by providing real-time guidance.

Immersive fitness

This year, we’re set to see the popularity of immersive and virtual reality fitness skyrocket – both in fitness studios and in the home. Perfect for those who get super bored working out. Immersive fitness classes use elements like music, virtual headsets and screens with visual effects to create a multi-sensory effect. While fitness giant Les Mills is bringing the futuristic trend to thousands of gyms across the world with their classes like Body Pump, Grit and The Trip, Peloton allows users to replicate the group fitness experience at home with their treadmills and bikes.


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